As an event planner, you should use the WhatsApp group to communicate offers and swiftly update your event-goers, clients, and flowers.

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature. Now anyone can join your WhatsApp group with the invite link. The admin of the group (you), must generate a link that will be unique for its group and then it can be shared with everyone.

Simple steps To create WhatsApp group link

  1. Open the group from WhatsApp.
  2. Click on Settings option > Group info.
  3. Tap on add member option.
  4. Click on the invite group via a link.
  5. Now wait a moment, that's it.
  6. WhatsApp group link successfully created

Once you have generated your unique WhatsApp group link, go to your Mbooked dashboard.

Copy and paste your unique WhatsApp group link to Mbooked dashboard.

After you do this, your event page on Mbooked will display a special  (green, yellow- napisz kolor) button. 

Each person landing on your event page on Mbooked, will be able to see and click this button to join your WhatsApp group (no matter which device they are using).


In your WhatsApp settings, you absolutely MUST specify , that that only admin of your WhatsApp group is allowed to write messages. Otherwise, people will start texting, messing. Ensure the purpose of this group one-way communication from your side, to inform your followers and clients. Not to chat with them.