There will always be special people you want to invite to attend your event and offer them a special price or entry. Perhaps,  you want to reward your event partner and supply them with tickets that are priced differently. However, you might not want the rest of your event attendees to know about it. 

This is exactly why we created the SECRET TICKETS FEATUREYou can create specific with unique links - we call them secret links. These tickets (secret links) will not be visible to the public and won't be found on Mbooked platform when searching. The only way our secret ticket can obtained and purchased by your guest is to supply him with a secret ticket link. There is no other way. This feature is perfect for any VIPS, speaker or partners that need a special entry and package for your event.

How To Get It

While adding a new ticket, please mark checkbox "hidden".

You can find a direct link to the ticket, in the EVENT DASHBOARD,  Ticket Options Statistics section. 

You can copy the link, or you click colour tag beside it to open the link in a new tab.

This feature is a perfect solution for those wanting to sell tickets from other websites, email campaigns, Facebook bots or Facebook shop feature.