Mini for the event organiser

To save your time, we designed a simple page with all of the most important links in one place. 

It looks great and allows your clients to instantly access all of the links and pages associated with your event, including your social media, messaging channels and more. 

How to use it? 

The app will ask you to log in. All you have to do now, is to save your password in the browser if you have never done this before. On the page, you will find links to:

  • Dashboard - main dashboard
  • Event List - list of your events
  • Add Event - create a new event
  • Referrals - invite new people and track your performance
  • Knowledge Base - all important info
  • Support - create a support ticket
  • Blog - our digital marketing blog

You can access this page from the URL:

How many links do you have associated with your organisation? It's tricky to promote all of them to your customers . Especially if you have a few different events running at the same time.

We have come up with a perfect solution for you  Now, you can give your clients instant access to all of your social media channels, messaging accounts and contact details,  without any hassle. Everything is tidy, in one place and super easy to navigate.

To access this page use URL: {yourAccount}

This feature is available for everyone!